Logo Redesign

New Game Plus is a weekly retro gaming podcast that started back in 2015. For me it seemed like the perfect fit when they reached out for a logo redesign.

Their original logo was simple and cute, but they wanted something that would stand out and incorporate popular retro gaming elements into it. The results is a design that uses primary colors to catch your attention and is flexible on any background.


Website Development

I build every website to allow the client a quick and easy way to update content on their own, and NGP’s site was no different. The design was created in Photoshop and the website itself was built using WordPress and Fusion Builder (Avada).

It was important to make sure the podcast remained the primary focus. A SoundCloud plugin ensured that the newsest weekly podcast would always autopopulate the site.

Media Kit

Over the years, NGP has grown a loyal following. With more views came more interest from sponsors, so a media kit seemed like the next logical step. This two-pager stays true to their brand and keeps the look fun and engaging.

YouTube Thumbnails

I’ve created over 400+ thumbnails for NGP! We found a really fun format where I superimpose their faces onto the video game characters.

Streaming/ Video Elements

NGP does a lot of live streams on both Twitch and YouTube, so we updated all of their banners and graphical overlays to match the new branding. A combination of After Effects and Premiere brought these videos to life, and Photoshop and Illustrator helped create the banners and overlays.

Gaming Tournament

Looking for a way to engage their growing Patreon crowd, NGP asked me to come up with a fun and interactive idea. I happened to be filling out my March Madness brackets and thought: “An interactive video game bracket would be so much fun!”.

That’s how the Retro Gaming Tournament was born. Fans could go to our interactive polling site and vote for their favorite game in a given matchup. Then we shared the results online with some visual flare. The guys did a live Twitch stream to share the final results with everyone as well!

Apparel Designs

The New Game Plus crew has played over a hundred retro games for their podcast, so when coming up with shirt ideas those games were the obvious start.

One theme I went back to a lot was using a retro games logo and putting “New Game Plus” in its place. The other designs are some inside jokes that fans have come to love.